Hand dyed for hand made.

Verse Yarns is a different way to shop for a different kind of maker. I create hand-dyed yarns for your handmade garments, accessories and fiber arts. 

How to Navigate the Site

By Pattern Patterns often specify yarns by weight and suggested fiber. To help make your experience more enjoyable, I've designed the main menu to streamline your search (Shop Weight & Fiber).

By Fiber or Weight The homepage is for when you're in the mood to relax, sip tea and create by inspiration (Fiber Families and Yarn Weights).

By Color or Base Yarn listings follow the format " Colorway | Base. " Enter a base in the search bar to view its color options. You may also enter the colorway to see other base options and suggested pairings. If you create within a particular palette, try using the search bar to shop by hue (ie. purple, green, etc). 

The Dreaded Cart Snatch

Priority Preorder We've all been there, but now there's a better option. When shop updates go live, so does the Priority Preorder option. It's a second chance to scoop up a fast-selling shop update. Visit the Priority Preorder section appears with updates.

Custom Orders A perfect option to purchase exactly what you need, dyed just for you, without the frenzy of shop updates. Find out more about this new dyed-to-order option in the main menu under Signature Colors (returning 2022).

A little more about Verse Yarns...

Verse Yarns focuses on "hand dyed for handmade." Launched in 2020, Verse Yarns is an online hand-dyed yarn company located in Bel Air, Maryland. I create small batches of hand-dyed yarn using environmentally conscious processes, professional acid dyes and dye techniques. To keep things interesting, I like to dye an eclectic selection of fine yarn bases, each yielding their own vintage, modern, trendy or artsy flare. The yarn selections are cruelty free, ethically sourced and socially responsible. Verse yarns are hand dyed for handmade so a verse in our story may become part of yours.  



Have a look around, I think you'll find something you like.

xo- Stephanie- owner, Verse Yarns, LLC based in Bel Air, Maryland