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A custom order is easy. Pick your desired base (minimum 3 skeins) and the single colorway you want. 

For more than one base or color, use the form below and complete the "first colorway, first base" portion and then complete the "add-on" section. This would be a total minimum of 5 skeins (3 for your first choice plus 2 for the add-on). I'm happy to assist with placing your order, contact me at 

Nonsuperwash wool colorways are exclusively dyed on nonsuperwash wools unless otherwise noted.

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Use the following steps to place your request and reserve your yarn.

Step 1. Complete the form below.

Step 2. Review. You'll receive an invoice with shipping/taxes included and estimated turnaround time.

Step 3. Purchase. It's that easy!

Shipment notification and tracking number are emailed once shipped. 

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