What yarn bases are available?

Verse Yarns offers an eclectic selection of fiber bases in vintage, modern, trendy, luxury and artsy styles. To keep things interesting, bases may be rotated from time to time.                      

Will my yarn look just like the one in the picture?

Monitors and calibrations vary. Photos are taken in natural light to best portray how the skein appears in person. Each skein is unique and no two are alike, even from the same batch. Colorways are repeatable and consistent, but not exact replicas which celebrates the beauty of hand-dyed yarn. For more photos, find us on Instagram @verse_yarns.

The yarn I want says "Sold Out", do you accept custom orders?

Yes! The Priority Preorder option allows you to purchase more yarn for eligible items and becomes available during shop updates.  Please note, Priority Preorders and custom orders are final sale.

How should I care for my purchase?

I recommend gently hand washing your work in cool to cold water using a rinse free wool cleanser then lay item(s) flat to dry. Untreated wool requires special attention and care to prevent agitation which may cause undesired felting. Light bleeding of color is a natural process which may occur in hand-dyed yarns, such as with more saturated colorways or if the water used to cleanse the product is too hot. This should clear up with subsequent washes in cold water.

Is your dye process environmentally conscious?

Yes. I use quality cruelty free, ethically sourced and socially responsible yarns. Professional acid dyes and dye techniques are used to create our colorways and the dye baths are exhausted. Water is recycled throughout the process to minimize waste and I also soak up any trace dye (which creates the Graffiti line).  

Your purchase will ship to you in a reusable, recycled mailer along with reusable complimentary items should they be added to your purchase. I also offer non-superwash yarns as well.

Does hand-dyed yarn transfer color?

As part of my quality check, I test each new colorway for dye transfer known as "crocking" and will not introduce it into the yarn line if this occurs. Dye transfer from dry yarn is not a defect, but is similar to the transfer seen with dark denim jeans and can be annoying. No test catches everything, so if this happens, it should be very minimal. The professional acid dyes I use are nontoxic and the trace amount will easily wash off your skin with soap and water.

Still have questions?

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