Fronds & Tendrils Sock Set | Pirouette

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This sock set was paired for the Radicle Threads Issue 2: GROWTH/SUNNY & BRIGHT Spring 2022. A beautifully curated grassroots BBIMP ( Black, Brown, Indigenous, Melanated People) publication focused on crafting. 
I am honored to be paired with designer Kae Gregis (@kgregis on Instagram) who thoughtfully designed the beautiful Fractal Sock pattern.  See photos here. 
The sock set is one full skein of Pirouette and two mini skeins (Pirouette minis)
  • Pirouette Sock weight 2 ply, 80% superwash merino wool/ 20% nylon
  • 400 yards/100gm
    • Pirouette Mini base, 2-ply,  80% superwash merino wool/ 20% nylon
    • 80 yards/20gm, sock weight
Natural Fiber Care

We recommend gently hand washing your work in cool to cold water using a rinse-free wool cleanser then lay item(s) flat to dry. Untreated wool requires special attention and care to prevent agitation which may cause undesired felting. Light bleeding of color is a natural process which may occur in hand-dyed yarns, such as with more saturated colorways or if the water used to cleanse the product is too hot. This should clear up with subsequent washes in cold water.