Zest | 360 Sock

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  • Zest is a bright color pop of fresh lemon and tangy lime
    • 80% organic superwash merino, 20% nylon

    • 8ply with a 2 step twist

    • 437yd (399m)/114gm

  • About 360 Sock. 

    This new sock base is an 8 ply yarn constructed of four 2 ply strands. The higher number of plies creates a yarn that is round (hence 360) and plump, durable and elastic and blooms into a high stitch definition with a smooth surface. This makes for a dependable sock yarn that won't stretch out over time.

    The beauty of hand-dyed yarn is that each skein is unique.

    Even within the same batch, no two skeins are ever alike. 
    For more information about our yarns and care instructions, please visit our FAQ page.
Natural Fiber Care

We recommend gently hand washing your work in cool to cold water using a rinse-free wool cleanser then lay item(s) flat to dry. Untreated wool requires special attention and care to prevent agitation which may cause undesired felting. Light bleeding of color is a natural process which may occur in hand-dyed yarns, such as with more saturated colorways or if the water used to cleanse the product is too hot. This should clear up with subsequent washes in cold water.